"Life suck when you get bumps in the road. When you have a stable job and leave it for another one thinking it’s better, yeah then find out no.. then you regret leaving the stable job.."

"Yay! It’s 3 am and I’m still up and can not sleep. Great.. work is gonna be slow for me… Huh"

~ Watch "Knuckle Puck No Good Acoustic Cover" on YouTube

This is a good song done by my friend. He is amazing and has so much talent
Knuckle Puck No Good Acoustic Cover:

"Ready to just party or something crazy"

"It’s weird looking back at my old post. I totally just got my account back and now I don’t have to use instagram as a way to get to tumblr. Oh well I dont care"

"I don’t like being messed with at all. So follow these and you will be okay.
1. Don’t act like you know me
2. Got something to say then you better have the balls to say it to my face and be real
3. Don’t lie to my face
4. Don’t mess with my man."

Crazy dust storm we had on Thursday :) \m/

"People make me sick. I hate everyone don’t take offense to it"